Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber

There are many jobs within a home remodel that are best left to the professionals, for a wide number of reasons. One of these jobs is plumbing work. Attempting a DIY project when you don’t know exactly what you’re doing — and even sometimes when you do — could end up costing you a lot more in the long run than it would have done just to hire in a professional or company in the first place. 

But that’s just one of many reasons to hire a professional plumber. 

Here are a few more: 

1 - A professional plumber can quickly find the problem. 

Although it might look obvious, where a leak is coming from, the leak you see is often not the full extent of the problem. A leak is indicative of bigger problems somewhere else along the line, whether that’s poorly maintained plumbing, old materials, or something else. 

2 - A professional plumber can efficiently resolve the problem — permanently. 

When you perform a DIY plumbing job, you are doing it based on the limited knowledge you already have, or from information sourced online. In many cases, you are only dealing with the symptoms of a problem, and not the problem itself, which means the problem won’t be resolved at all. Sealing a leak is one thing, but working out why that leak occurred and stopping it happening again in the future is the right resolution. 

A professional plumber will be able to get to the heart of the problem, with a plethora of knowledge and tips that will have been built up over many years of experience within the industry. 

3 - A professional plumber will [probably] be cheaper. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, do the job yourself and then make a bit of a mess of things, you’ll then have to shell out to repair your own mistakes as well as solve the original problem. 

When you hire a professional plumber, you are virtually guaranteeing your work. Paying with a credit card gives you added protection against shoddy workmanship and unprofessional contractors. Hiring a professional often gives you a guarantee on the work, so if something does go wrong, you are fully covered and won’t have to pay out again. 

In the long run, it is usually the case that hiring a professional is much cheaper than attempting to do the plumbing project yourself. 

4 - A professional plumber will know what to do if something goes wrong. 

If you are attempting to DIY a plumbing problem, there’s a pretty good chance that you will have researched online how to solve that specific problem. If, when resolving that specific problem, another problem comes up, you will then need to do further research to try and resolve it. If there is water bursting out of a hole or a similar problem, the costs associated with damage will rise exponentially. A five or ten-minute job for a professional could take you many hours of researching. 

5 - A professional plumber will have all the tools for the job. 

There’s a pretty good chance that you will need to buy or order a bunch of pieces of equipment if you attempt to resolve a plumbing problem by yourself. You may not have everything you need to do the job properly. This means that the job will take you longer to complete. You'll need to wait for parts to arrive or go on a shopping trip to buy them. During this waiting period, more damage could be caused, and you could also incur additional repair or restoration costs. 

6 - A professional plumber can predict future problems and prevent them from causing further damage. 

A professional plumber will know to keep his or her eyes open for other problems while fixing the one you - the homeowner - called them in for. They’ll know the warning signs of big problems that haven’t properly arisen yet, and they’ll know just what measures need to be put into place to stop the big problem from ever actually becoming a big problem. 

You, on the other hand, may not have that knowledge. By performing a DIY repair on your plumbing, or factoring in do-it-yourself plumbing in your house remodel, you could be causing yourself more damage and higher costs in the future. 

7 - A professional plumber gives you complete peace of mind. 

As well as knowing how to find the problem, how to fix the problem, how to prevent future problems, and keeping costs down, a professional plumber will often give you peace of mind — but only when you use a reliable, reputable plumber or company. 

With a guarantee, testimonials, and a personal question-and-answer opportunity, getting the right contractor will make the whole job feel easier.